Lawd ham mercy when it rains it pours in Sosua! My youth, this here specimen be 19 yrs old, fully loaded with braces, keyless entry, and traction control. And check out them xenon headlights on her my nigga they defy gravity and stand up on their own. This chick got skin as tight as a drum, no kids, athletic muscle… Read More »

Nerdy and hot 18yo Dominican teen was in need of some money so she came by to see the man himself, me! Viewers will sure adore this busty babe’s perfect big tits and eagerness to please. Such a happy (and fit) girl!

Feliz Ano Nuevo 2018 myfren! Meet Rihanna and Ashlei! Rihanna is hands down the prettiest, most flawless girl I have ever seen in the DR. Her skin is so smooth and tight it looks like she’s wearing a wetsuit. No scars, no mosquito bites, sexy honey colored eyes, pink nipples, and a bubble butt basketball ass that she can throw… Read More »

There’s LOTS of girls on the backstreets and backalleys of Sosua running errands and whatnot cause the rent on the outskirts of downtown is much more affordable. Generally these girls have not reached hardcore disco status which is what I look for. All the pro whores live in little 300 peso/day “hooker hotels” nearby Rumba and SuperSuper liquor store so… Read More »

Hey, we all make little fuckups and mistakes. Quite frequently when naked girls in 3rd world countries are involved. This is just a small compilation of bits and pieces that didn’t make the final cut for one reason or another. Girls fucking around with one another, pissing outdoors, can’t remember their own name, etc etc. You had to be there… Read More »

Hola como estas myfren! This week I bring you Tasha, a cute little curly haired chica with a very healthy sex drive. I love the sounds this girl makes its almost musical.The story with Tasha is a common one. You fuck a girl, then you fuck her little hoodrat friends, then they mention to you they have this nice pretty… Read More »

Took my show on the road to explore the South end of the island. Its nice to explore a town where there are no gringos and turistas, where you get a good meal for a fair price, and chicks aren’t doing anything other than waiting around to get fucked by their motoconcho tigre. It was nice to hit the road… Read More »

I really had a thing for this girl Natacha, straight up she was one of the best girls out there for a long time. She has many different looks and has a good heart, which is more than I can say for most of the dominican girls in Sosua. She’s silly, playful, passionate, loud, and a little bit of a… Read More »

Like most negroes I have a sweet tooth for high-yellow light skinned whores with their big asses and bitch-dog sexual antics. Most won’t openly admit they have a skin color fetish but its the god dam truth nobody wants a tar baby unless she’s absolutely gorgeous… cause black skin amplifies both beauty and uglyness. I’m darker than a brown paper… Read More »

Rumba bar in Sosua should be any whoremongers first stop in Sosua as soon as they get off the plane. There is hella hoes up in there from 3pm onwards any given day of the week. While some new hot spots have emerged like the new Latin bar on the opposite corner, Rumba is still my personal fave. It’s also… Read More »

I love it when dominican girls sell their friends to me, it makes my job so much easier! My bottom bitch Ashlei brought me a friend thats a straight up black barbie doll, with real long natural hair at that. No extensions all over my bathroom floor like many of these sosua hoes shedding. This new chica is 19yrs old… Read More »

There is a LOT of Haitian girls in the DR selling their ass (mostly to Germans, Italians, and French Canadians) so I thought I would put this Haitian chick up on Toticos this week to see how things would play out with a gringo/negro sex tourist, yours truly. A lot of the brothers tend to steer clear of the Haitian… Read More »