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Meet Jasmine, this petite little 18yo Arab teen maid in hjiab provided me some personalized room service with “extra pillows” and enjoys a casual mid-day interracial fuck session, likely taboo in her homeland. They would probably stone a crazy black foreigner like me at the gallows just for looking her direction in Pakistan. Who knows wtf is going down next in this crazy world… I’ll keep fucking as many chicks as possible during this Covid-19 pandemic bullshit. Yall keep on watching


Dirty cops are always knocking at my door on some bullshit… usually over some pussy ass hoe, immigration visas, or covid-19 quarantine violations (pick one) however today the crackers sent arab teen Jasmine to surprise drug test me for probation court. We all know this wasn’t gonna fly. Sending a little petite curly haired arab teen to a black mans… Read More »

So the next time you check in your hotel room and there is a little hottie behind the reception desk make sure you ask for “extra pillows” its a bit of womanese secret code talk that will get her or one of her equally hot friends to your front door. I’ve done this with lots of hotel lobby chicas and… Read More »