Sexyass 19yr old car wash chica love you long time :)

Lawd ham mercy when it rains it pours in Sosua! My youth, this here specimen be 19 yrs old, fully loaded with braces, keyless entry, and traction control. And check out them xenon headlights on her my nigga they defy gravity and stand up on their own. This chick got skin as tight as a drum, no kids, athletic muscle tone, and rides dick like a 10 speed…what more could a nigga ask for. She reminds me of a finer version of Chilli from TLC back in the day. Did I mention she can sing?? If they had a “Dominican Idol” talent show on TV here instead of spanish novelas (soap operas) on every fucking channel this girl would be a superstar overnite.

And either this sexy black teen LOVES to fuck or she just digs me, who knows. For all you vacationing mongers and western union sending dudes out there back in america let me drop this one time. I’ve learned to elevate my game here with these DR chicas by being more of a hardass. For whatever reason they seem to like it when you don’t cut them any slack, don’t answer your phone, give them as little as possible, and keep one foot on their goddam neck and the other one up their culo. Counterintuitive I know… you can still be a gentleman and do right by them in terms of what is fair treatment, but when you give too much in the form of gifts, loot, or whatever expect to be played/robbed/extorted or worse. Not that any of that would stem from this little sweetheart here, but just sayin from my past experiences here you gotta stand firm on everything with these hoes like a rock. Keep your word, be real, and remember you’re not obligated to explain shit to them. You didn’t owe any of these niggas nothing when you got off the plane other than paying $10 for that little tourist card shit at puerto plata airport and thats on the real.

So yeah man, it takes a nice little starlet like Yoelisa to put me at ease and in chillax mode. She’s different than these other Sosua hoodrats cause she lives far fucking away from the sewer. If you watch her movie you will see she still has the sparkle of fun, life, and vitality in her and I got mad love for any girl that will completely give themself to you without holding back. A lot of these hoodrat hookers with papi chulo babydaddys won’t kiss a nigga and/or will turn their head to the side while you’re fucking them to disconnect themself from the trick/ho experience (and those are the ones that get jackhammered dogg, for real… i dont play that bull shit!) But this tight little black teen is about as perfect as they come here and delivers a full GFE girlfriend experience. I’m very satisfied with this girl and the little movie we made. Hope you folks enjoy. It’s high season now in Sosua so you know what that means… I’ll likely be touring the countryside to find some more ‘sometimes’ girls instead of these same crusty ass veteran hoes who walk Pedro Clisante street all day like zombies!

Audi5000 G!

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