Gringo guide to dating dominican girls from facebook, cupid, tagged, and badoo!

Is there such a thing as a “good” dominican girl?? 1000+ chicas and many pesos later I would have to say no. If you ever move down to the dominican republic you will have an endless supply of fresh talent waiting to please you on demand. This can be a little hard on the wallet, indulging in the sacred act of whoremongering 5 times a day like a muslim prays. What many ex-pats and longterm gringo residents do is look to other avenues (free/cheap) of scoring quality dominican girls by going online. Dominican girls love to play with fayboo on their blahberry and spend 80% of their waking hours taking selfies and uploading to get likes. Hell, some of them even get western union sponsors this way so one can’t knock the hustle.

There’s a handful of sites out there dedicated to dating dominican girls. Yes, Most of them are whores and if they speak english they are likely professional whores and hustlers but online they will claim to be seeking a genuine relationship with a foreigner. These girls will often sleep with you for free in chance of scoring a much bigger hit later on down the road. And many do. But in the meantime that doesn’t mean one can’t have a little good clean chica fun for poquito dinero, and some papas fritas.

The following is a collection of internet chicas filmed by David the gringo pervert, so enjoy! No es mi culpa mi familia muy pobre! :)

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