Dominican lawn service by Jennifer – 18yr old teen swallows cum outdoors

There’s LOTS of girls on the backstreets and backalleys of Sosua running errands and whatnot cause the rent on the outskirts of downtown is much more affordable. Generally these girls have not reached hardcore disco status which is what I look for. All the pro whores live in little 300 peso/day “hooker hotels” nearby Rumba and SuperSuper liquor store so they are in walking distance of the gringo discos. Fucking around with pro/veteran whores with high mileage is a waste of time, money, and sanity. You’re better off not getting involved, and it took me a few years to grasp that concept. I’ll leave them english speaking hoes to you bros fresh off the plane who don’t know any better. Yesterday I was out to refill my little 5 gallon water jug at this little colmado nearby Dulce Secreto which is at like the very end of Sosua on a deserted backroad and I saw this chica walking and decided to proposition her. Why not buy myself a little happiness ya know? It makes living here in the 3rd world a little more bearable. Jennifer just turned 18 years old a few months ago according to her ID card and she was money well spent. She told me she’s new to the area still getting her feet wet trying to learn the hoe trade so I had to take her back to the house and help break her in. It’s my sworn duty as a gringo to fornicate with all the fresh dominican girls. Well, within 60 seconds of introducing herself on camera she had my nuts in her mouth right there on my front lawn, in broad fucking daylight! I’d say she’s off to a great start. I swear my neighbors are gonna kick my black ass out of here soon for my gringo porno shenanigans.

Jennifer has REAL natural hair which is a rarity here (NOTE: she probably will buy some extensions with her video money, along with a “blah-berry” phone) and weighs in at only 110 lbs but she is so short and stocky she actually looks kinda chubby. The wide angle fisheye lens on my Canon tends to add a few pounds its true. Regardless she’s a nice little fucktoy to play with and I had my way with her for a good hour or so after blowing some trees with her. This chica can dance her little narrow ass off, she swallows cum, and does it all with a big permanent smile… what more could a nigga ask for? Just don’t raise hell with me once I upload it cause like all the other hoes on this site, she was compensated well for her time and your entertainment.

More fresh chicas on the way. See me in the streets nigga, slap me in the face if you don’t like me! :)

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