La Maquina (the little machine)

What’s good folks. This week I present to you a chica who goes by La Maquina, which loosely translated means “the little female machine”. So much meaning and definition gets lost in the english/spanish translation but you get the idea. This girl is a fairly fit, muscular, little brown fucking machine who’s stronger than the average dominican girl. I won’t bore you with the details, just play the fucking trailer and enjoy. So far as street life and the current sitation on the ground here, Things appear to be cooling off somewhat now in the sewer amidst all the chaos that had been happening in the past year and now is a great time to enjoy the dominican republic. Actually anytime between december and march during the high tourist season which lasts pretty much until the snow melts in most of the US/Canada. So there you have it. book your flight to POP and see you in the streets. One.

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