Tasha – curly haired dominicana redbone only 105 lbs :)

Hola como estas myfren! This week I bring you Tasha, a cute little curly haired chica with a very healthy sex drive. I love the sounds this girl makes its almost musical.The story with Tasha is a common one. You fuck a girl, then you fuck her little hoodrat friends, then they mention to you they have this nice pretty friend that I’ve yet to meet who wants to do a movie with me… BUT they refuse to show me a photo, or a facebook page, or anything like that. So I was already skeptical and rightfully so. Tasha is not a bad looking girl by any means, but she is 24yrs old which is a lot in dominican years. I gotta admit that I probably would not have hand picked her myself, but since I was already on the spot and had 3 other loudmouth cackling dominican bitches in the backseat pitching her to me I gave in to the peer pressure and decided to film her anyway just on GP.

Tasha was very pleasant to work with and she’s got some lovely hair once it finally dried out a little in the sun but she’s just not as soft on the eyes as the 18/19 year olds I’m used to filming. She sucks dick great, is passionate in bed, weighs 105 lbs, and is a yellow redbone on top of that. I’m not gonna lie I had fun fucking this girl she made a lot of sounds and did lots of kinky ass shit. In fact her members area video is over 50 minutes long (usually I film for around 20 minute scenes) and thats edited down. Theres something about an average looking girl that makes you want to use their body more especially when they really like to “freaky-freaky”. What can I say, its a video, its a girl, its Chop Suey… and you can bet they’res more better chicas on the way next week. See me in the streets slap me in the face if you dont like me nigga. Audi5k

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