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Sweet little curly haired redbone babymama from the grimy catacombs of los Charamicos, on the other side of Sosua beach where the locals reside. One thing about chicas with kids, they don’t have a shy bone in their body. Tasha gets naked right away and sucks dick in the living room before heading straight to the bedroom and riding me like a fucking horse. Super horny, light-skinned, curly-hair, tight small pussy… loves taking the dick doggystyle before hopping on top. Lets you finish in her mouth like a good Dominican girl and swallows every drop with a big huge smile.

Hola como estas myfren! This week I bring you Tasha, a cute little curly haired chica with a very healthy sex drive. I love the sounds this girl makes its almost musical.The story with Tasha is a common one. You fuck a girl, then you fuck her little hoodrat friends, then they mention to you they have this nice pretty… Read More »