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Jesus fuck this girl has got a small ass pussy. Natacha fits the definition of Toticos… a perfect tiny little pink taco with pussy lips still sealed up like a virgin. She’s only 18 years old and a babymama already but like many Dominican girls she saved her pussy from stretching all out of shape by having a C-section. Her little lunchbox is super fucking tight, so small, so sealed, so tiny, only her outer pussy lips show up on camera. Her pussy is really that small nigga… just fucking wowsers, and you can imagine how her petite tight little Dominican teen body feels to enter. I first met Natacha at After-One discoteca in Sosua climbing the pole and hanging on the rafters shaking her ass. Nicknamed her Monita (little monkey) and we made a few videos. She’s got the sweetest voice, a happy personality, and is one of the smallest, shortest girls featured on Toticos. A real island beauty representative of the exotic hybrid black/latina Carribean mix found only in the Dominican republic.

I been learning all sorts of Dominican spanglish lately, mostly cusswords and dirty phrases, but that’s really all people use here in conversation anyway. Pretty much if you’re a tourist gringo and you talk to a Dominican about anything some money is going to have to change hands, so get used to the motion of reaching into your back pocket… Read More »

I really had a thing for this girl Natacha, straight up she was one of the best girls out there for a long time. She has many different looks and has a good heart, which is more than I can say for most of the dominican girls in Sosua. She’s silly, playful, passionate, loud, and a little bit of a… Read More »