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Petite tiny snack sized Alice Merchesi packs a powerful punch

So the White Girl Cops task force can’t seem to leave a nigga alone and have once again come knocking down doors to shut a brother down. Nigga can’t catch a break even during the covid. So what we gonna do here is just start fucking the police, because it’s the only natural outcome of whats gonna happen if they… Read More »

Petite snack sized treat Alice Merchesi meets up with her middle eastern prince she met on Craiglist and wants to make him feel comfortable. She casually unzips his pants and proceeds to suck his dick until it cums in her mouth not 1, 2, but 3 times. She can’t seem to swallow enough and loves every drop

Massive seizure and bust going down in the hood today… caught red-handed with money on the floor and kilos on the couch, the white girl cops plan on having their way with this suspect in the hood who thinks he’s the second coming of Scarface. Will he make her cum and get off the hook? Find out here on White… Read More »