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Jennifer from the infamous Classicos Club59 Discoteca in Sosua came home for a todo la noche + video the next day once we had some daylight for filming. She prefers doggystyle and doesn’t really suck dick that much, probably means she’s just not into me. Can’t win them all.

There’s LOTS of girls on the backstreets and backalleys of Sosua running errands and whatnot cause the rent on the outskirts of downtown is much more affordable. Generally these girls have not reached hardcore disco status which is what I look for. All the pro whores live in little 300 peso/day “hooker hotels” nearby Rumba and SuperSuper liquor store so… Read More »

I really like Dominican girls and when I first met Jennifer, I assumed she was a darker skinned Dominican chica but it turns out she’s Hatiana… not that it matters to most of you guys. But to me it made a HUGE difference because of the language barrier. I don’t know a fucking word of that french creole “pat-twah” talk… Read More »