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Feisty little Haitian working the streets of Sosua, Farrah is a featherweight spinner that is easy to pickup and fuck all around the house, like strapping on a backpack. After breaking the ice outside at the pool, we had an amazingly fun time fucking like little monkeys in the living room. You get to see by comparison how small and petite she is, and have a real appreciation for it as there are chicas in America that weigh 4 times as much and think like entitled queens.

There is a LOT of Haitian girls in the DR selling their ass (mostly to Germans, Italians, and French Canadians) so I thought I would put this Haitian chick up on Toticos this week to see how things would play out with a gringo/negro sex tourist, yours truly. A lot of the brothers tend to steer clear of the Haitian… Read More »