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Bit tits Ashlei helped to recruit and film many girls on Toticos, and is frequently behind the camera while I’m busy fucking the next girl. She’s a real down ass chica and loves to hang out and chill. Not to mention her tits are fucking huge, bouncy, and full of life energy. Loves to call blowjobs “suckee-suckee” and always brings a smiling face and her A-game. Ashlei is a beautiful 19yr old Dominican teen with many many sexy friends in the streets of Sosua.

Rumba bar in Sosua should be any whoremongers first stop in Sosua as soon as they get off the plane. There is hella hoes up in there from 3pm onwards any given day of the week. While some new hot spots have emerged like the new Latin bar on the opposite corner, Rumba is still my personal fave. It’s also… Read More »

Feliz Ano Nuevo 2018 myfren! Meet Rihanna and Ashlei! Rihanna is hands down the prettiest, most flawless girl I have ever seen in the DR. Her skin is so smooth and tight it looks like she’s wearing a wetsuit. No scars, no mosquito bites, sexy honey colored eyes, pink nipples, and a bubble butt basketball ass that she can throw… Read More »