What is Toticos.com?

Toticos.com features real amateur homemade dominican porn videos of 18+ girls from the dominican republic. All models are over the age of 18 and have their docs on file for 18 USC 2257 Compliance.


Where can I buy good quality drugs (Viagra / Cialis / etc) for cheap before my trip to DR?

Jajaja… click here my friend:

In Sosua generic Blue pills go for 100 pesos at most farmacias and colmados. Thats $2.20 usd…. you can buy some online right now for only $0.83 and they are safe, highly effective, and not past their expiration date with express shipping right to your door. Or you can just buy “la pela” from those motoconcho taxi tigres and hope it is what they say it is 🙂

Why Sosua girls?

If you’ve never been to Sosua before, imagine a town where sexy big booty dominican girls are everywhere staring you down like you’re a plate of food. They real hungry for that paper here and are extremely competitive in getting it from a mans pocket. If you’ve got the cash, they’ve got the goods.

How much is a Toticos.com membership?

Less than $1.00 per day and you get a free dvd when you join ($20 value) just pay the shipping. You also get bonus access to my other site(s) and movies.

I like some/all of the girls on Toticos.com can you introduce them to me?

If you have money to spend they would love to meet you. You would make their day actually. But I won’t give you their facebook and phone numbers etc so please don’t ask. They will more than willingly give it to you though, and so much more once you meet them. These girls phones ring every 2-3 minutes I’m not kidding you… and I can tell you they’re in Sosua most nights, and if you take a trip here you’re almost guaranteed to see them all out on the weekends on the main strip of Sosua with their friends. I see most of these girls everyday eating fried chicken in front of hair salons in the daytime. There really isn’t much work/industry at all for them here you have to understand. So they are out there in the streets trying to get that money and yes they are all real… no actresses here. And yes most likely unless you are a total fucking lunatic they will go home with you too if you have some money for their companionship. Actually even if you are a total fucking lunatic, they will still probably go home with you. This is their living and they treat it like a business so respect their hustle.

Hey thats my girlfriend / novia / fiance / babymama on your website can you take her videos/photos down please she is not in the streets anymore

Please see rule #1. We cannot recoop the money spent, time lost, risks taken, and future business impact on removing a models scenes for this site or any site that I operate. The girl was compensated well for her video work, and besides once the video is uploaded to the web it’s out there forever anyway. same applies to photos, if taken with my camera and money changed hands, its a done deal. Even if I did remove the videos, its the fucking internet and people share shit with each other and I cannot control that.

Are you a player / pimpdaddy / ladies man / papi chulo?

No I’m just a straight up computer nerd. I’m so lame that I have to pay girls to fuck me, or rather I choose to do it this way. There is no such thing as cheap/free pussy anywhere on this planet or universe that I am aware of. If there is I don’t want it or trust it. A girl is always going to want “something” other than your dick because thats just the way of the world. The sooner you deal with this and accept it for what it is the better off you are. Love is bullshit I don’t buy it. If you think any of these dominican porn girls are in love with me let me try not paying them and start talking that “te amo mi amor” bullshit and see what happens next. Bitch will probably bite my dick off. They gotta get there money man, period. Respect that and you’ll be alright. And I’m all about helping them “get it in”. Its a 2 way street, mutual respect for each others hustles. All of my closest female friends over the years have been whores, pornstars, strippers, escorts, and whatnot. Anyhow I’m a total square like “L-7″. I wear a $2 calculator watch from ebay, I haven’t owned any nike’s since high school, and am the first to tell a girl that I’m fucking around with her friends. I’m a payer not a player. Always straight up and direct with people thats just how I roll. You might be surprised to learn that most of the people in the porn business (and porn stars) are nerds in real life, even the ones that project the images of being tough guys and superwhores.

Can I video chat with some of the Toticos girls?

Some of the girls with computers at home do live buttnekkid webcam shows on MFC and a few other live chat sites for money, I’ll post their schedule in the members area. No problem. Remember, the girls love propinas (tips). Don’t be a cheap ass nigger in the chat room and ask them for “skype pussy” instead of private shows with tokens because most of them know better.

I don’t like watching you fuck my girlfriend/sister/mistress and your fucking movies are retarded… you talk too goddam much. nigger I’m going to kick your motherfucking ass when I see you!

I get this email all the time from alpha males of the internet. the names just change. Not just for this website/series but for all of the ones I’ve ever done, and it transcends race. The one’s I get from native american porn guys over at NDNgirls are the best ones. Texas rednecks send some good ones too. Doesn’t matter if she’s a street girl, stripper, or pornstar that has done 500 movies… realize you cannot change the past/present/future of a girls decisions. It’s her pussy, deal it. Please see rule #1 (again) if you missed it the first time. Your current/ex girlfriend is just trying to get some money to pay her bills and feed her kids, get tattoos / blackberries / iphones / hair extensions / shoes and she was smart enough to take my money and run with it. I’m not the first or last person to give “your” girl money believe that. See me in the streets slap me in the face if you don’t like me. My exwife did this and it made her feel better. Funny story actually.

When I travel to Sosua can I meet up with you, be my wingman bro… etc etc

No thanks, I roll solo. And you dont need a wingman to pick up street girls. Forget all that “game” shit you may have pre-indoctrinated yourself with from David Deangelo and the pickup artist crowd. That is for stupid american and canadian girls. Besides, you can’t “outswagger” dominican dudes they spend a fortune on clothes Just fucking be yourself, whatever that may be. I have seen amputee niggas here with one arm walking down the street with a fine ass bitch, and the girl be clutching on to the dudes remaining good arm for dear life like she just won the motherfucking powerball lottery. The girls here really dont give a fuck here if you got a wallet with bills in it designated for them. And besides I’m more of a nerd than you think. I don’t drink beer or most types of alcohol, don’t smoke, can’t dance, don’t have a cool haircut, clothes, jewelry, etc. If you feel the need for “bro” company there is a popular website called “In search of chicas” and “DR1″ (google it) and a few other facebook groups that has a bunch of dudes talking shit and answering questions about taking trips down here. Good training wheels if you’re information hungry. Take what they say with a grain/handful of salt though like with any forum or community. You will actually find more success with girls here going solo anyway

Why do you use the “n-word” so much?

I type how I talk in real life, and in my movies… and its my website. Pay a nigga and Join Toticos!.

More to come soon, Join Toticos now!